Our Team

Charlotte Brouessard

Charlotte coordinates WWOOF Portugal. She lives and works from her sweet house with her sweet daughter at the border of the Alentejo and the Algarve, on the west coast. She loves dancing and crafts of all kinds. She has been connected with WWOOF Portugal for almost 10 years and really believes in the principles of WWOOFing. The next step? Have her own farm and receive WWOOFers. She has been a member of the board of WWOOF PT since 2014.

Isa de Oliveira

Isa is the executive secretary of WWOOF Portugal. She has led a nomadic lifestyle since 2016, traveling by bicycle (with her dog!) from Germany to Portugal, and now since 2021 in South America – always volunteering on farms and other places and projects that support organic agriculture and food sovereignty. She believes that the world is messed up and that agroecology is fundamental to restoring a balance between humanity and the rest of the environment. Besides working and being part of the WWOOF Portugal board since 2019, she’s also currently the National WWOOF Ambassador in Brazil.

Ricardo Lopes

Ricardo is the bookkeeper of WWOOF Portugal. He is an economist that “cultivates” the finances of WWOOF Portugal. Ricardo has interest in organic farming, folk dance and long walks.

Ana Aguiar Costa

The beginning of this journey is the connection to the land, the vineyard and the wine of Ana Aguiar Costa, whose family has been an agricultural and wine producer for several generations in the Douro. Graduated in Fine Arts from FBAUL, artist, television and show producer, at the age of 37 she assumed her desire to set in motion a project that reflects her way of being and that contributes to a better world. Defender of healthy eating and respect for nature, aware that each person can make a difference, she acquired knowledge in organic, biodynamic and syntropic agriculture that she puts into practice at Humus Farm.

Elena Foucher

Elena grew up in the States, and after moving away in 2001 has lived in Thailand, Hong Kong, France and now Portugal. Aghast at the craziness of 2019/2020, she and her husband decided that the best way to change things wasn’t by fighting the old, but to contribute to creating something better. Since October 2021 they’ve been nomadic in Portugal, volunteering, helping build and maintain regenerative and natural horsemanship projects. Elena can usually be found in a garden or stable, while Benoit’s often working farm machinery – unless he’s off coaching elite tennis players all over the globe. This period of their lives is a constant source of growth and challenge, beauty and inspiration… They love it.

Ivan Sellers 

He lives near Tomar, but he has lived in Africa (13 years), Latin America (8 years), North America (9 years), and Europe (29 years). He has a very travelled life and speak several languages, but today he is looking more for quiet, sometimes in silence, sometimes in the company of friends. He is retired but remains active both as a farmer receiving volunteers on his syntropic agroforestry garden, as well as in leading efforts in Portugal for ecological conservation, restoration, and regeneration. He has always been fascinated by growing things. Nature is his teacher. Today he has a property in the countryside with about 700m2 of garden used for vegetable and fruit. His garden gives him a grounding.

Luise Ellen

Luise is a creative, independent, free spirit with a passion for nature and the outdoors. She has owned and looked after her own home and large garden, where she grew fruit and vegetables. She would  now like to extend this experience and learn permaculture and biodynamic farming. She loves being around animals and is obsessed with natural living including the way we eat, move and lifestyle choices. She is also  a big fan of the sharing economy and the opportunity to exchange skills, resources and value. She believes WWOOFing  with the benefits of community and connection is ideal for achieving all this. She moved to Portugal from the UK in 2020 where she is mostly house sitting and WWOOFing.

Rossano Fillipini

Italian, Rosso arrived in Portugal more than 10 years ago. He bought a farm together with his wife Jeongmin, from South Korea where they apply regenerative agroforestry systems. A world traveler (60 countries so far!), he has since many years also engaged with civil society organizations, including Greenpeace. Agronomist, Chef and Sea Officer, Rosso is a delightful WWOOF host, a phenomenal chef and a remarkable teacher. He has been a member of the WWOOF Portugal board since 2019.

Nati Rubin

She recently decided to move to Portugal (Algarve) after living in Spain for 6 years. She is self-employed professional, mostly portable. She cares about sustainability, learning about permaculture and regenerative practices. She did a PDC at Terra Alta (Sintra) back in 2021. She is making space for more connection to earth and community in close proximity.  She tries to combine her part-time work with being involved in a land-based community activity. She has lived in 11 countries so far for periods as short as 3 months or as long as 20 years – and Portugal is her 12th country and hopefully land that she can call home for a long-indefinite time.

João Correia

João is  unemployed and lives in his van, in WWOOF Farms. He loves farm life and WWOOFing is the best way to do it. He also thinks that WWOOFing is a good way to boycott capitalism. He has been in nine WWOOF Farms so far and he will go to new ones when he can afford it.


If you have any specific skills, some brilliant ideas or want to help, you are really welcome. Just send us an email to: info@wwoof.pt

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Episode 7 – Claudio Pozzi

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Episode 6 – Lucas Apitz

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