Legal information

WWOOF – Associação para a Promoção de Oportunidades Mundiais em Agricultura Biológica” is a non profit organization registered in Lisbon under the number: 795/2009.

Some legal numbers:

Tax Collecting Number (NPC) – 509050832

Social Security Number – 25090508325

As a Non for Profit Association (NGO in Portugal), WWOOF Portugal is regulated by two main documents: The “Estatutos” and the “Regulamento Interno”. You can find a copy of these documents (in Portuguese) clicking on the following links:


Regulamento Interno

Every year WWOOF Portugal makes a report of activities and a plan for the next year (in Portuguese only).

Plan of activities

Plan of activities for 2023

Plan of activities for 2022

Plan of activities for 2021

Plan of activities for 2020

Plan of activities for 2019

Plan of activities for 2018

Plan of activities for 2017

Plan of activities for 2016

Plan of activities for 2015

Plan of activities for 2014

Plan of activities for 2013

Plan of activities for 2012

Plan of activities for 2011

Plan of activities for 2010

Activities Reports

Activities Report from 2022

Activities Report from 2021

Activities Report from 2020

Activities Report from 2019

Activities Report from 2018

Activities Report from 2017

Activities Report from 2016

Activities Report from 2015

Activities Report from 2014

Activities Report from 2013

Activities Report from 2012

Activities Report from 2012

Activities Report from 2011

Activities Report from 2010

Activities Report from 2009

Annual Reports

Every year WWOOF Portugal makes an annual report with the finances of the organisation (in Portuguese only).

Annual report 2022

Annual report 2021

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

Annual report 2016

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2014

Annual report 2013

Annual report 2012

Annual report 2011

Annual report 2010

Annual report 2009

Free Membership – Last call for this year! 🍂

Free Membership – Last call for this year! 🍂

Hello WWOOF lovers in need of a little push to sign-up as WWOOFer in Portugal still in 2023! Every year WWOOF Portugal offers around 20 free subscriptions to people who are genuinely interested in contributing to our values (you know.. . making the world a better...

Episode 12 – Heidi Eijgel

Episode 12 – Heidi Eijgel

In this episode, Rodrigo meets Heidi Eijgel, a long term WWOOF Host in Canada. Heidi will tell us about how is to raise horses and receive WWOOFer in challenging weather conditions.

Episode 11 – Jan-Philipp Gutt

Episode 11 – Jan-Philipp Gutt

The guest in this Episode is Jan-Philipp. He is the coordinator of WWOOF-Germany and currently Chair Director of the Federation of WWOOF Organisations. At WWOOF he finds freedom and responsibility, motivation, time spent in friendship, adventure and worldwide...

Come work at WWOOF! 🔊

Come work at WWOOF! 🔊

WWOOF Portugal is growing! We are looking for someone who is fluent in English AND Portuguese to take on administrative, production and communication tasks for the organisation! Sobre a WWOOF Portugal: Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms é um movimento mundial...

Episode 10 – Bruno Paixão

Episode 10 – Bruno Paixão

Bruno have worked in a farm together with WWOOFers and since a few years himself is a WWOOF Host. As a long term host, he has some interesting tips for volunteers and hosts.