Although it is unlikely that you will be injured while WWOOFing, you better be insured anyway!

In order to prevent yourself from accidents, we ask that you do not participate in tasks that you feel will place you in physical danger.

You are responsible to provide your own health insurance and also liability insurance. Some farms may ask you to sign an additional waiver or the proof that you are insured when you arrive.

On this page, we will introduce the Personal Accident Insurance included in the fee, and the Liability and disablement insurance that you can purchase on top of your membership.


WWOOF Portugal provides personal accident insurance for WWOOFers while at farms in Portugal. Please note that personal accident insurance provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability, or death in the event of an accident only.

It is thus different from a travel, liability, or health insurance. You are responsible for making sure that you are covered for the kind of activities that you will be doing at a Host’s place and for arranging your own health, liability, and travel insurance.

For the Personal Accident Insurance, WWOOFers don’t need to pay any extra amount, it is included in the fee.


Expenses due to accident _ 500 Euros

Accidental death _ 1.500 Euros

Permanent disability due to accident _ 1.500 Euros

Death of the Volunteer and Wife/Husband _ 1.500 Euros

Funeral Expenses _ 1.500 Euros

Expenses with rescue, search, transport of the victim _ 1.500 Euros


1. Go to a public or private hospital Emergency Service;

2. Explain you were volunteering at the farm;

3. Inform WWOOF PORTUGAL that you had an accident: send an email asap to: stating the day, time, and location of the accident, and a brief description of the accident;

3. Pay all expenses: Hospital fees and prescriptions, transport to the emergency service. The receipts should have your name on them.

4. Send us a copy of receipts and your IBAN, by email.

5. The insurance ALLIANZ will pay back your expenses according to the receipts, limited to the maximum payout indicated above.



We recommend WWOOF’s enhanced membership providing ‘Liability and disablement insurance’ which covers most accidents that can occur while WWOOFing. This can be purchased at the time of registration (8€ per person) or renewal or Contact us to add it to your existing membership.

This insurance is only in effect while you have an active WWOOF membership and are WWOOFing with a WWOOF host. It covers you in the event of an incident where you are held liable, e.g. your burn down the host’s barn, or have a major accident, e.g. causing disablement.

You will be covered if you accidentally injure somebody whilst staying with a host. However, there are exclusions that include claims arising out of the ownership, possession or use of any: aircraft, aero spatial device or hovercraft; waterborne craft; mechanically propelled or horse drawn vehicle; mobile caravan or vehicular trailer; firearm; animal.

The confirmation of stay with the host is your proof of insurance. There is no limit on the length of stay at a host, as long as the stay commences before the Policy Expiry Date as shown on your Evidence of Insurance.

This doesn’t replace travel insurance. It is recommended that you arrange coverage for your trip. You are not covered travelling to or from a host. Cover only applies once you have arrived at a host in a participating country and ceases when you leave.

You can not change or increase the cover provided. The scheme cover is fixed.

You can find the details to make a claim in the Evidence of Insurance.

Regardless of which provider you buy from, always read the policy details to ensure it is the right plan for your needs.

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