Let’s celebrate this season with WWOOF Community!

Dec 11, 2023

A stronger and healthier community depends on our collective 

“work from the heart”


That is why we want to THANK YOU for being with us in this journey!

So many things we have done, so many dreams we dreamt

So great and amazing relationships we have built 

So much knowledge we have shared

We are the change we want to see

We are learning every step of the way

We are better together

We are grateful for everything that we have experienced

We are WWOOFing for a better Planet,

 with healthier food, soil regeneration, 

seed protection and community resilience


Thank You 

to all of US who share this vision for a sustainable agriculture and

let’s celebrate this season with wishes of 

abundancehappiness and hope

Free Membership: Results of the 2nd edition of 2024

Free Membership: Results of the 2nd edition of 2024

photo by Marije van Woerden After a careful and thorough selection process, we are pleased to announce the five winners of this edition of the Free Membership contest by WWOOF Portugal! 🎉🌿 🌟 Magdalena Karlíková 🌟 Tiago Gonçalves 🌟 Eliza Wróbel 🌟 Ana Catarina Ferreira...

Host Grant Winner 2024

Host Grant Winner 2024

The farm selected to receive the 500€ grant is Lapsa Garden, located in Rocha da Relva, in the Azores, with a project on Sustainable Beekeeping. However, the farm recently experienced a significant landslide that made the property unsafe. Lapsa Garden's owner, Asnate...